What do you feed a vegan toddler? Can a vegetarian preschooler get enough protein?

vegetarian toddlersToddlers and Preschoolers want to eat what their parents eat.  It is essential in these early years to establish healthy eating habits that will last a lifetime. A vegan or vegetarian diet can provide all the protein, calcium, iron, and other nutrients needed by your growing child. 

Learn more about feeding all types of vegetarian diets to children from 1-5 years old in the colorful downloadable resource Vegetarian Nutrition for Toddlers and Preschoolers.

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  1. Vickie H. Bond, RD; LD

    I have a totally vegan parents raising a vegan child. Concerns they have are the need(s) for supplementation for B12; Vitamin D3 and/or protein as the child grows and may be active in sports if any and/or when.

Debbie King MS RD LD

My passion for nutrition began when I took a college nutrition class. I have worked as a Clinical Dietitian, Director of Nutrition Services, and for several years as Mom. When my youngest left for college I decided to return to my passion of sharing the health benefits of eating vegetarian meals. I enjoy teaching nutrition, volunteering in my community, and working as the Web Editor for the Vegetarian Nutrition website.

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