How to Create a Vegetarian Lunchbox

Vegetarian Nutrition for School-Aged ChildrenDoes the pediatrician, your child’s teacher, or total strangers look at you skeptically when you say you are raising your children vegetarian?  Rest assured you are not alone.  Choosing to feed your children a vegetarian can provide all the nutrients for them to grow and be healthy.

Do you want the facts on how to plan a healthy vegetarian diet? Download the FREE Vegetarian Diets for School-aged Children (PDF) resource. In it you will find —

  • Good food sources of important Nutrients
  • Calorie needs for a growing child
  • Meal Ideas
  • Tips on creating a menu

Print your copy of Vegetarian Diets for School-aged Children today and you will have the tools to win over your toughest skeptic.

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Debbie King MS RD LD

My passion for nutrition began when I took a college nutrition class. I have worked as a Clinical Dietitian, Director of Nutrition Services, and for several years as Mom. When my youngest left for college I decided to return to my passion of sharing the health benefits of eating vegetarian meals. I enjoy teaching nutrition, volunteering in my community, and working as the Web Editor for the Vegetarian Nutrition website.

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