How to Become a Vegan

hummus saladA recent Harris Poll found that 47% of Americans eat at least one vegetarian meal a week.  Are you one of this growing number of people interested in eating more plant-based meals? Or maybe you just want to totally change your diet and become vegan? Either way download Eat More Plant-based Meals a resource that provides tips on how to make the changes easy, fun and sustainable.

  • Discover how to increase your plant-based meals, while keeping one or two of your life long favorites.
  • Learn how to stock your pantry and refrigerator with staples that will make it easy to eat plant foods anytime.
  • Check out the Nutrition Tips that provide incentives to make plant foods your preference.

2 Responses to “How to Become a Vegan”

  1. Nancy A Farrell

    I wann a start doing a plant based diet and I am not a very good cook and my husband is a big red meat fan
    Not sure where to start I had breast cancer surgery and was told to stay away from SOY

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Matt Ruscigno, MPH, RD

Matt Ruscigno is public health dietitian, cyclist and a vegan of fifteen years. He teaches community college in South Central Los Angeles in addition to working for the Network for a Healthy California. Matt advises vegan athletes and himself has participated in numerous ultra-endurance bicycle and triathlon events around the world.

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