Does eating a vegetarian diet help you live longer?

Therapeutic Use of Vegetarian/Vegan Diets in Chronic DiseaseResearch reveals that when a person chooses to follow a vegetarian diet they may find it reduces the risks of many chronic diseases.  A vegetarian diet may treat, improve, or reverse the following:

  • Obesity
  • Heart disease
  • High blood pressure
  • Type 2 diabetes
  • Digestive problems

Following a vegetarian diet may also provide beneficial results in the treatment for cancer and kidney disease.

Will a vegetarian diet  improve your health? Download our resource Therapeutic Use of Vegetarian/Vegan Diets in Chronic Disease (PDF) and experience the potential benefits of choosing a well-balanced vegetarian diet.

13 Responses to “Does eating a vegetarian diet help you live longer?”

  1. Cliff Elfstrom

    I would like to be healthily vegetarian but my attempt really destroyed my health. I supposed being a person with real canine fangs should have been a dead giveaway being a vegetarian wasn’t going to work well for me. I am allergic to soy products, as are my daughters. I have to limit my intake of carbohydrates to 30% of my calories to avoid excessive blood sugar; and that is after taking in only 1/2 to 2/3 the calories of the RDA. Eating canned or processed food would kill me because of the excessive salt always found them. I cannot tolerate spicy food because I would feel ill and soon puke them up. While I can tolerate dairy products to a degree, I cannot tolerate casein isolates with their vulture vomit taste. Unfortunately, raising animals in a more kind and humane manner is way down on America’s list of priorities so you can’t get healthy meat any more. Are there any beans or other vegetables that contains 30% or less carbohydrates and 30%+ proteins?

  2. Robert A. Fredericks

    Hello Debbie!

    Greetings from Mexico! I’ve been an English professor at the state university in Oaxaca for the past 23 years.

    I’ve recently been making the transition towards a vegan diet, and I’m especially interested in SPROUTS. I make bunches of LENTIL sprouts and have been trying to line up ALFALFA seeds. Recently, I even emulatd the ancient Egyptians and made some of my own wheat malt. ( I hope to do the same with barley, oats & rye soon…and maybe even with amaranth, quinoa or rice.)

    My mother’s a Registered Dietician too (retired now, but over 50 years with the ADA)…but of the rather traditional bent. It’s refreshing to see “Dietician” & “vegetarian” combined in the same person!

  3. It’s encouraging to find an advocate for the vegetarian, vegan, and whole food, plant based diets on the AND website. I commend your initiative and courage and thank you for your effort to legitimize a dietary approach I believe can relieve a large number of America’s health problems and their collateral damage. I hope you receive adequate support from colleagues.

    I’ve been eating a whole food, plant based diet for three years and my results are impressive. The most objective benefits are my life long adult hypertension is gone, allowing me to stop taking two blood pressure medications I had taken for decades, and all my annual blood work markers are significantly improved and well within normal ranges. Many other issues have resolved, as well.

    In my experience and that of several of my friends, the potential of switching to a vegetarian, vegan, or perhaps best of all, a whole food, plant based eating style, is well worth the effort. Perhaps the oddest part of changing my diet has been how much I now enjoy eating things I once thought unappetizing. They now taste delicious! And, they’re good for me!

  4. A plant based diet is the way to go. There may still be plant based choices that don’t agree with you. I have been dabbling with it over a year…full on three months now and I feel so much better. It’s helping my asthma and other things like weight. I am NOT going back!!!

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