Spice Up Your Meals

Tired of bland, boring food? Spice up your meals this month with two great recipes.

balsamic tofu cranberry and apple stir-fry Balsamic Tofu, Cranberry, and Apple Stir-Fry by Marni Rakes, MS is a wonderful recipe that combines several different food groups into one complete dish and adds a little zip with balsamic vinegar as a flavoring agent.

spicy kale slaw

Spicy Kale Slaw by Alicia Simpson is a deceivingly spicy salad that made a few of our judges’ eyes water.

Now is the time to try new recipes to spice up your meal routine.

3 Responses to “Spice Up Your Meals”

  1. Thanks for posting these Meredith! I’m struggling with vegetarianism right now. I am lacto ovo vegetarian but find many of the recipes bland. I haven’t had ANY meat in 4 months, no burgers in 2 years. I gradually eliminated it and now I’m fully vegetarian. I’m always looking for good recipes! And being Texan I LOVE spicy foods 🙂

  2. I’ve been a vegatarian for 3 months and have lost 45 pounds. I steam everything and eat mostly, “eggplant, zucchini, squash, oakra, and some artichoke. But after 3 months the food is getting bland and I’m craving the old junk food again. I was over steaming for 30 minutes and turning everything into mush and now I’m cutting back to about 15 minutes total time so they will be slightly crunchy. But I still need some flavor and spice to enjoy it. Help. 55 more pounds to go.

    • Debbie King MS RD LD

      Congratulations on your weight loss. There are lots of herbs and spices that add flavor to your meals, try the Carrots, Cabbage, Chard, & Cumin Extravaganza recipe under Resources on this website. I also recommend you use the Find a Registered Dietitian feature, this will link you with a Registered Dietitian in your area, who can evaluate your food intake and assist with your on-going weight loss.

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