Vegetarian Teens

Teens or parents of teens, becoming vegetarian is a big step information on how to make delicious and nutritious food choices when becoming vegetarian.

What Plant Foods Provide Iron?

vegetarian iron

Are you finding enough iron in your vegetarian diet? Do you know what foods help your body absorb the iron you eat? Should you take an iron supplement? Iron deficiency anemia is a worldwide problem and often vegetarian and vegan … Continue reading

Why should you drink soy milk?


As a teenager you are probably not thinking about breast cancer, but research suggests that women who ate the most soy before and during their teen years have a lower risk of breast cancer compared to women who eat little soy. Continue reading

How To Feed A Vegetarian Teenager

vegetarian teens

Did your teenager recently become a vegetarian? Will your teenager no longer eat your meatloaf, baked chicken, or fish? Do you want to support your teenager’s pursuit of a healthy vegetarian/vegan diet? Then check out our resource for Vegetarian Teens. Continue reading

Vegan Teen Athlete

vegan snack for a teen athlete

Being a vegan teen athlete is not complicated. It is easy for teens to receive proper nutrition for sporting events by eating a variety of foods. Teen athletes are able to receive everything they need from a vegan diet to perform at their maximum potential. Continue reading

Purging May Cause Throat Cancer

throat exam

Eating and purging creates the perfect storm for a deadly form a cancer in the esophagus. Learn how the body attempts to protect the throat from frequent forced vomiting by creating new cells that can lead to Barrett’s Esophagus, a dangerous disease. Continue reading