Raising Vegetarian Infants

Vegetarian Infants RD ResourceCan I raise a vegetarian baby?
What foods can I feed my vegan baby?
How do make sure my baby is healthy?

If you are asking these questions then you need the resource Vegetarian Infants (PDF). This 2-page downloadable sheet offers tips for breastfeeding and formula feeding during the early months of a life. When it is time to add solid food, parents will discover lists of the foods that provide the best sources of iron, zinc, calcium, Vitamin B12 and other nutrients essential for a growing infant.


About Debbie King MS RD LD

My passion for nutrition began when I took a college nutrition class. I have worked as a Clinical Dietitian, Director of Nutrition Services, and for several years as Mom. When my youngest left for college I decided to return to my passion of sharing the health benefits of eating vegetarian meals. I enjoy teaching nutrition, volunteering in my community, and working as the Web Editor for the Vegetarian Nutrition website.

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