About Sarah Ellis, MS, RD

I enjoy working as a Community Dietitian where I focus on preventive and behavioral health. I work with individuals and groups to reduce their risks for chronic disease, using a holistic approach of plant based nutrition and stress management. During my personal time, I delight in cultivating my meditation practice, cooking with friends, and being outdoors.

Are you really eating for two?


The concept of ‘eating for two’, while probably well intentioned, has confused countless pregnant women. Let’s see what’s behind it. Continue reading

Time for Soup


It is time to make squash soup. Take the time to prepare a large pot, freeze the extra and reheat when you need a meal in a hurry. Continue reading

Early Summer; Garlic Scapes


One of the delights of visiting your local farmers market is to observe the march of produce across the months, throughout the year. Each season provides an opportunity to discover extraordinary varieties of ordinary fare. Garlic scapes, with their wildly twisted shapes are a perfect, early summer example of this. Continue reading

Finding Fiber in Whole Foods


Perhaps you’ve noticed the current focus on fiber in foods; occurring naturally or being added. It seems we should all agree that fiber is a good thing, right? Continue reading

Taking Stock of the Season


Autumn brings the perfect day for soup. In fact, a perfect season for soup! With all of the summer harvest there are always abundant peelings, discarded herbs and vegetables bits. These are the garden’s gift to us; an extra bonus for using fresh produce. Don’t miss out on this “second round” of benefit–vegetable stock. Continue reading

Nightshade’s Sweet Treat


As daylight changes, subtly signaling the approach of fall, we can comfort ourselves against the loss of summer with anticipation of autumn harvest. This is the time of year when a magical little golden fruit within a paper lantern package begins to appear in farmers’ markets. Continue reading