About Julia Driggers RD LDN

Julia Driggers RD, LDN is a Pediatric Dietitian at The Childrens Hospital of Philadelphia. She is very interested in Vegetarian and Vegan nutrition and regularly contributes to the Vegetarian Resource Group (VRG) Magazine/Website. Her most recent works include "The Vegan Teen Athlete", "Nutrition Blog-Line: Milk Alternatives", and "The Vegetarian Asian Kitchen". In addition, she also creates original Vegan recipes for VRG. In the future, Julia hopes to earn an advanced degree in Nutrition/Education and would like to one day become a college professor. Outside of work Julia enjoys running, cooking, and spending time with friends.

Vegan Teen Athlete

vegan snack for a teen athlete

Being a vegan teen athlete is not complicated. It is easy for teens to receive proper nutrition for sporting events by eating a variety of foods. Teen athletes are able to receive everything they need from a vegan diet to perform at their maximum potential. Continue reading

Vegetarian? Vegan? Raw Diet! What’s the difference?


Plant based diets are gaining momentum and becoming more main stream. Pop your head into any grocery store and you’ll be able to find numerous products marked “Vegetarian” or “Certified Vegan”. It can be difficult to know what’s what! Continue reading