About Diana Cullum-Dugan, RD, LDN, RYT

As a yoga teacher and dietitian, through the journey of nutrition and various yoga practices, including those that engage the physical and emotional body as well as support spiritual growth, I guide clients to discover their ability to create balance and harmony at every level of their being. Through exploration of triggers and unconscious behaviors, they explore and uncover deep seated desires that do not always align with their conscious behavior. In that effort, change begins and they reconnect to their true nature.

Beans by any other name are cancer fighters


Eating beans everyday can reduce your risk for breast cancer. Learn how this small addition to your daily diet can keep you healthy. Continue reading

Healthy vegetarian travels


Dialing up our weekly call, Suzy client laments, “I’m on a plane so much this week, how am I supposed to feel good about my body?”  Having more frequent flyer miles than a pilot, she knows full well the effects … Continue reading

Happiness Begins with Veggies!


Recent research says that Vegetarians are happier than the rest of the population. They have less anxiety, depression, and stress. Continue reading